ISMAR Financial Supermarket

ISMAR has devised an innovative and unique idea of creating Financial Supermarket which would be the ONE-STOP Financial market for all the clients. Financial Supermarket is one stop shop for all your insurance, financial needs, a place that offers several different categories of financial services, such as banking, securities brokerage, insurance, stocks, commodities, credit cards, mutual funds, Forex, Islamic banking and/or money management.

The core theme behind this is to provide the clients with ‘customized’ services and consultancy according to their needs and requirements, create awareness of sound financial decision-making, and make a notable difference in their investments.

At ISMAR’s Financial Super Market, you’ll benefit from a personal touch that only we can provide. We are firm believers in the personal touch; we will provide you with service of the highest quality. ISMAR has planned to tie up with various credible financial institutions and companies to make all the below mentioned services and products available to the investors under one roof.

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