For The Financial Institution

    • Cost-effectiveness: An in-store financial center can be opened for 1/5 the cost of a traditional brick & mortar branch.
    • New customer opportunities: An in-store financial center provides a lobby of 10,000 to 30,000 potential customers weekly.
    • Enhanced customer service: The in-store financial center is more convenient for customers since they are usually open 6-7 days a week with extended hours.
    • Increased marketing potential: The in-store financial center has more marketing potential with a captive audience.
    • An added business partnership: The in-store financial center receives an additional service-oriented partner, the retailer, to promote the financial institution.

For The Retailer

    • One-stop shopping convenience
    • Increased:
      • Security
      • Customer counts
      • Cash flow
      • Profits
  • Improved banking relationship
  • Additional partner promoting the store

By providing all the financial products, training, consultancy, facilitation in investment, ISMAR Financial super Market will be a matchless development, through which a client will be at ease and by visiting the FSM, he will have more options and investment opportunities.

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