Whether investing in equity market or buying stocks from brokers, ISMAR FSM will provide you updated information and will help you to choose right shares from the top brokers according to your investment requirements.

 Equity market suits to those clients who believe in “Higher the risk, higher the profit” for such clients we translate fundamental research into practical investment advice, and our research enables the clients to get best value out of their investment.


The commodity markets are emerging and growing at a great pace in Pakistan after the stock markets. These commodity markets are specially made to meet the increasing needs of people and to supply them with everything under one roof.

The main advantage of all the commodity brokers and commodity is that they provide every item often needed can be provided under one roof. Our partners from different commodity brokers will help you achieve your trading and investment goals, and you will receive the highest quality of services, facilitation and guidance, and the knowledge you expect in a commodity futures brokerage at a single sport.


Rather than try to sell different funds directly to investors, fund families might rely on an fund super market, where customers will be on liberty to choose a fund which will fulfill their investment needs.

Financial super market opens the door to thousands of customer choices. Customers will find most fund companies selling their own funds along with other funds families, at the ISMAR financial Super Market, customers will be at liberty which fund they are interested in and which fund can provide better outcome of their investment.

ISMAR Financial Super Market, where investors will be provided with easy access to a broad range of mutual funds, they could choose no-load fund, open-end fund, close end fund and also exchange traded fund, relatively a new innovation for investment.


The Foreign Exchange Market (Forex or currency market) is a global, worldwide decentralized financial market for trading currencies, financial centres around the world function as anchor of trading between a wide range of different types of buyers and sellers around the clock, the Forex market determines the relative values of different currencies.

 With numerous options available, it is quite strenuous to pick a broker who is trustworthy, and one can easily rely on for his investment. At ISMAR’s Financial Super Market, investor will be at ease as there will be more options available to choose, and by the help of technical support and analysis, investors will find it easy to choose a right broker for their investment in the Forex market.


Everyone looks at insurance with best quotations and also it should be easy for them to purchase, Financial Super Market can provide the best rate of insurance and provide best facility to purchase insurance.

ISMAR Financial Super Market will work like one company representing many strong dependable insurance companies, and will offer a wide variety of personal and business insurance solutions.


  1. Credit Cards
  2. Debit Cards
  3. Islamic Banking
  4. Wealth Management

Banks of all sizes are finding new markets by establishing in-store branches. At ISMAR Financial Super Market, all the bank products, this will be convenient for clients. At ISMAR It will offer full spectrum of products under one roof.

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