Commodity Trading

Commodity trading is an investing strategy that involves the buying and selling of goods that are classified as commodities; for example, gold, silver, cotton, oil, etc.  There are many similarities between commodity trading and the trading with stocks. One key difference has to do with the difference between what is traded.

From a short description of the origins of commodities trading to an in depth discussion of commodity market trading and description of the inner workings of a modern commodity exchange, this course provides a wealth of information.


    • Gain a broad understanding of supply and demand factors
    • Importance and usage of Derivatives in Commodity Market
    • Improve participant’s performance working in or with the commodities trading sector
    • In depth understanding of the commodity markets
    • Explain the elements involved in a trading contract
    • Defining the aspects of Risk Management in trading

Course Contents:

    • What are commodity market and their use
    • A brief history
    • Different types of commodities
    • Key factors influencing commodities pricing
    • Different segments in commodity markets
    • Leading commodity
    • Mechanics of commodity
    • The future contracts
    • Market pressure, why future prices change
    • Who trade futures and why
    • Market news and analysis
    • Factors affecting the prices  (Natural factors)
    • Taking a position and taking delivery
    • Options in futures
    • The regulators
    • The current crises and its influence on the market (Political & Economic)

Who should attend this Course?

    • MBAs in Finance
    • Masters in Economics
    • Students who wish to go even further, and wish to adopt trading as their career
    • CFA, CPA, CA
    • Professionals working in Commodity or Mercantile markets
    • Commodity traders and dealers
    • Treasury staff
    • Capital markets professionals
    • Investment professionals
    • Trade finance staff
    • Risk Managers
    • Hedge fund managers
    • Financial Analysts
    • Importers / Exporters of Commodities
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