Money Management


Money Management is the ability of saving, spending, and investing your money in accordance with your affordability, requirements, and needs in order to meet your financial goals and promising future of your family. An understanding of what good money management is and why it is important, the skills and ideas to help you better manage your money and focus on savings, investing, insurance, credit and debt.


    • How prepare a budget
    • How to balance your accounts
    • How to cut back expenses
    • Ideas for increasing your income
    • To what extent risk can be taken
    • How to save more
    • How to set financial goals

Course Contents:

    • What is Money Management
    • Budgeting
    • Cash Flow
    • Goals for Financial management
    • What is an Investment
    • Types of Investment
      • Housing
      • Land
      • Stocks
      • Bonds
      • Trust Funds
      • Business Investment
    • Managing your budget
    • Spreading your Investment
    • Managing your cash, debt, insurance and how to organize it
    • Using your money
    • Investment options
    • Methods of cost savings
    • Alternative living
    • Reducing the cost of credit
    • Dealing with the financial experts, bank managers, accountants and others in the financial world
    • Understanding the right financial terminology

Who should attend this course?

    • CEOs
    • CFOs
    • COOs
    • Heads of Treasury Departments
    • Money Managers/Financial managers
    • Accountants
    • House wives
    • Retired Personnel
    • Fixed Income Investors
    • High net worth investors
    • Stock brokers
    • Fund Managers
    • Financial and Stock analysts
    • Financial Consultants
    • Students from financial institutes
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