Real Estate

This course has a unique learning experience to provide that is customized to suit all your individual needs. As an investor this course offers basic education that will  help you carry out a smooth transaction for all your investments, understand about a good deal depending upon the exit strategies, create offers in order to attract customers. How to present yourself, negotiate with the party, aim for the exact requirement, and strike the deal for investment. Moreover, current market situations would also be highlighted along with the future of scope of real estate.



    • To upscale the real estate brokerage industry by providing professional education
    • To educate people on taking real estate as career
    • To provide real estate consultancy
    • How to research in the real estate market
    • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of business and real estate management through a learning action
    •  Efficiency and effectiveness in decision making planning, organizing, directing and controlling a business process operation.

Course Contents:

    • Basic understanding of real estate investment
    • Comparison between commercial investment and personal use investment
    • How real estate operates in an imperfect market
    • Types of properties: multi-family, office, retail and industrial
    • Basis of demand for each type of property
    • Factors affecting property prices
    • Identify the property and price and value in commercial and investment real estate
    • Understand the effect of supply and demand in real estate market
    • Characteristics of real estate investment
    • Identify what an investor is looking for in a real estate investment

Who should attend this course?

    • People who are looking forward to invest in real estate, but possess little or no knowledge
    • Commercial bankers
    • Finance company professionals
    • Investment bankers
    • Corporate real estate managers
    • Real estate investment manager
    • Insurance portfolio management professionals
    • Pension fund portfolio management professionals
    • Real estate developers
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