Stock Trading

Stock trading is where you buy shares or stocks of a company with the plan of selling them later on at a higher price. There are many different styles of trading. Some traders buy and sell frequently, while others buy and hold it for a considerable period of time before selling it. Stocks are traded (bought and sold) over a stock exchange.



    • Learning to consistently identify low risk/high reward opportunities in the stock market
    • Develop a personal trading plan based on simple strategy based rules
    • A clear understanding of the market and time frame
    • Enhance decision making and risk management
    • Learn how to trade using professional tools
    • How to properly look and interpret economic and market indicators
    • Invest wisely and earn through Dividends or Capital Gains

Course Contents:

    • Introduction to Stock
    • Types of Shares
    • What impacts share price
    • Market Capitalization
    • Price-Earnings ratio
    • Dividends
    • Capital gains
    • Analyzing financial statements
    • Portfolio Management
    • Risk reduction techniques

Who should attend this Course?

    • Business students/graduates
    • MBAs in Finance
    • Masters in Economics/Accounting
    • CFA, CPA, CA
    • Investors who want to build a good foundation on stock trading and investment
    • Individuals from a wide diversified professional fields and back ground
    • Investors who are exploring a career and gaining an insight within the equity market
    • Savvy retail investors who are keen to take the next grade and pursue trading as a career
    • Stock brokers who want to further polish their trading skills
    • Financial Analysts
    • Hedge fund managers
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