Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the field of predicting the future prices of stocks and other financial instruments by using formulas and studying chart patterns. It is a large area that includes many different schools of thought and techniques. Professional methods of technical analysis can be understood from this course that can further help you in making profitable trades.



    • To prepare investors and traders to trade like professionals and make a living from active trading
    • To highlight the understanding of the technical aspects of financial market
    • To develop a new stream of financial markets professionals having sound blending of concepts with applications
    • To enable program participants to develop a framework for fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate alternative investment avenues and maximize returns with minimum risks
    • To give extensive exposure to emerging areas like research, portfolio, hedging and forex trading
    • To integrate the concepts of fundamental analysis with technical analysis, and make profitable trades

Course Contents:

    • What is Technical Analysis
    • Price movement in series
    • PIVOT Point
    • Supply and Demand
    • Concept of support and resistance
    • Advantages and disadvantages of Technicals
    • Different types of Technicals
    • Charts:
      • Types of charts
      • History of candlesticks
      • Candlestick Chart patterns
      • Current examples
      • Bar charts
      • Bar charts patterns
      • Line charts
      • Line charts patterns
    • Momentum in the market
    • Overview of Elliott Wave and Gann.
    • Theory and application.
    • Fibonacci Retracement
    • Channels
    • Shapes
    • Trends
      • Identification of Trends
      • How to manage the Trends
      • Bollinger Bands
      • Moving Averages
      • Parabolic SAR
    • Oscillators
      • Moving Average Conversion Diversion (MACD)
      • Momentum
      • RSI
    • Volume
      • Money Flow
      • Price action
    • Cross Overs
      • Golden cross
      • Dead cross
    • Spikes

Who should attend this course?

  • CFO
  • Future traders with no prior trading experience
  • Treasury staff
  • Budget/Financial Analyst
  • Investment VPS of Finance
  • professionals
  • Financial from non-banking institutions
  • Markets professionals
  • Beginners (Students)
  • Future traders with no prior trading experience
  • Dealers and traders
  • Capital markets professionals
  • Investment professionals
  • Financial markets professionals

This course has a critical importance for financial institutions, investment companies and stock traders:

  • Will develop knowledge and analytical skills
  • It will increase the profitability to a great extent
  • Investors can learn how to minimize risk and do money management
  • Investment companies can help their clients for better investment options
  • Exporters and Importers can save foreign exchange losses from market fluctuations
  • Learn to create and maintain a diversified investment portfolio
  • Acknowledgement certificate would be awarded to course participants


It is a certificate Course. The certificates will be awarded by FX Solutions – USA and ISMAR (Institute of Securities, Management and Research) to each participant of this course, which has got high value.


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